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Month: March 2020

Home Improvement Help: Budgeting Tips

For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Okay, fine. What we call “fun” you call “preparation”. Preparedness – as it’s currently being showcased around the world – can make or break a major life event. Granted, you aren’t bringing new life to this world or even trying to contain a global pandemic, but renovating your home is no small feat, either. At the very least, it’s an expensive investment that can pay off if you do it well. One of the ways to do it well – in fact the way that sets...

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Fun Facts About Your Frass!

Okay, that’s just a fun word, Frass. Fake grass – or artificial turf – has a multitude of benefits to the homeowner, most notably the reduction in water and maintenance that’s required to keep your lawn looking gorgeous and healthy compared to real grass. Maybe you’ve already installed your artificial lawn or you’re on the fence about it. Either way, knowledge is an excellent tool to keep in your back pocket. So hop on this magic school bus and let’s explore the world of artificial turf. Where Do People Use It? Pretty much anywhere. Artificial turf is taking over...

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Picking The Perfect Paver For Your Patio

A custom made patio is the perfect way to bring your home up to date, and just in time for summer. You’ll be able to host parties whether they’re planned or impromptu. But as with any element in home design, there are a multitude of options. When it comes to picking the right type of pavers for your patio there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Aesthetic, durability, cost, and your climate all play a part in your decision making. Before you get started let’s check a few facts first, These Are Not The Bricks You’re Looking...

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The Road To Reno Success: Avoid These Common Mistakes

There’s a lot that can go wrong with any home renovation. Accidental damage to load bearing walls, plumbing, or finding you have termite damage. While there are some mishaps that cannot be accounted for (though, this is the prime reason to always include an emergency fund), there are a certain number of all too common mistakes that can be avoided to make all home improvement projects easier. While they aren’t a walk in the park, take heed of these pitfalls ahead of time to ensure your renovation is a success from start to finish. Shoot For The Moon That’s...

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