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Backyard Living: Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

At the height of summer, most of us love to enjoy time outside with our family and friends. It’s prime-time for dips in the pool, lounging on a hammock, playing some catch, or tending to your rose garden. Another summertime favorite is firing up the grill and getting some grub perfectly charred for a quintessential afternoon backyard dinner. If you’re a self-proclaimed grill master, and love to show off your culinary expertise, you most likely already have a pretty sweet BBQ setup of some sort. But have you ever dreamed of an outdoor kitchen? What’s the difference, you might...

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5 Backyard Privacy Ideas

The backyard is an extension of living space on your property and is intended for outdoor relaxation. Some homeowners are blessed with an expansive backyard that offers quiet outdoors away from any neighbor’s sight. Homes with a second story have an unobstructed view of neighboring backyards making it difficult to feel completely comfortable relaxing. This is where you can get creative with privacy using landscaping to your advantage. Privacy solutions come in various sizes and shapes, but they’re ideal for all backyards.  Let’s keep any wandering eyes from your backyard with these privacy landscaping ideas: Pergolas For just the...

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Home Improvement Projects For Summer

Lawn Cleanup Your front lawn always need grooming, regardless of the time of year. Make this Spring count and nurture your lawn by mowing, trimming, fertilizing, getting rid of trash, raking up leaves, and tending to plants. To make it easy, you can consider hiring a landscaper. 2. Patio Dreams Outdoor deck screams outdoor entertaining; for as long as the climate permits. Out with the old and in with a deck designed to align with your home and lifestyle. That’s just what you need. Redesigning a new patio starts with envisioning how you want your space to be. The...

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All about Hardscaping and The Benefits

What is Hardscaping? It sounds similar to landscaping, but means “hard” to the touch. Hardscaping is a design incorporating both manmade and non-living materials. Hardscape elements: Patios– Add a nice sitting area in your backyard for the warm days of California. Walkways– The final touch in your home’s front yard. Deck– Wooden floor always looks good. Gazebo– Get your own romantic getaway in your own backyard. Stairways– Perfect solution for houses on a slope. Pavers– Choose the perfect flooring to your backyard. Driveways– Build a driveway that suits your house and car. Outdoor kitchens– Make every BBQ an amazing...

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Home Improvement Help: Budgeting Tips

For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Okay, fine. What we call “fun” you call “preparation”. Preparedness – as it’s currently being showcased around the world – can make or break a major life event. Granted, you aren’t bringing new life to this world or even trying to contain a global pandemic, but renovating your home is no small feat, either. At the very least, it’s an expensive investment that can pay off if you do it well. One of the ways to do it well – in fact the way that sets...

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