The backyard is an extension of living space on your property and is intended for outdoor relaxation. Some homeowners are blessed with an expansive backyard that offers quiet outdoors away from any neighbor’s sight. Homes with a second story have an unobstructed view of neighboring backyards making it difficult to feel completely comfortable relaxing. This is where you can get creative with privacy using landscaping to your advantage. Privacy solutions come in various sizes and shapes, but they’re ideal for all backyards. 

Let’s keep any wandering eyes from your backyard with these privacy landscaping ideas:


For just the right amount of privacy, pergola’s can provide ample shade and security without block your view of the backyard or light source. Although pergolas are not completely solid, the wood columns and beam strategically obstruct the view from anyone looking above. To make the most of your pergola, you can grow plants that drape over your pergola for added privacy. Not only does this provide extra protection, but this also adds coziness and a romantic feel.


Privacy plants can be an alternative option in place of a fence. Shrubs and plants grow along your fence not only provide shade and privacy, but they’ll keep your backyard looking lush and lively. Large clusters of cherry laurel shrub trees, ivy, bamboo, cacti, boxwood, privet, vines, or cypress trees are a few examples that work well for providing the right amount of privacy.


The purpose of a fence is to divide property lines between property lots, but they’re not always tall enough. Instead of removing and installing a new fence, salvage your existing one by added styled containers planted with your favorites flowers, and growing taller shrubs to surpass the existing fence height. Another option for privacy fencing is adding a pallet of slat wood fence, solid tiled wall, garden fence, or stone wall. 


A trellis panel is a great way to add a sense of discreetness and structure in your backyard. Whether the trellis is made of wood or metal, all garden trellis makes a stunning backdrop for outdoor spaces. With the addition of growing vines and plants on your trellis, this provides additional privacy while creating a beautifully unique design. 


An alternative option to fencing is a lattice. Not only is this an affordable option compared to fencing, but lattice also costs a fraction of the price. There are so many endless possibilities with a wooden lattice due to how versatile they can be. Being plant-friendly, your favorite vine can climb their way all over the lattice creating a lush look while covering any open spaces. A lattice works in any part of your backyard for privacy, they add appeal and compliment your backyard.