What is Hardscaping?

It sounds similar to landscaping, but means “hard” to the touch. Hardscaping is a design incorporating both manmade and non-living materials.

Hardscape elements:

Patios– Add a nice sitting area in your backyard for the warm days of California.
Walkways– The final touch in your home’s front yard.
Deck– Wooden floor always looks good.
Gazebo– Get your own romantic getaway in your own backyard.
Stairways– Perfect solution for houses on a slope.
Pavers– Choose the perfect flooring to your backyard.
Driveways– Build a driveway that suits your house and car.
Outdoor kitchens– Make every BBQ an amazing experience with your own outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor fireplaces– Add a nice place to sit at nights with your family and friends.
Retaining walls– Another great solution for houses on a slope

Regions that are affected by the drought have limited water usage leaving residents to reevaluate and think of another solution to their landscaping. Rather than leaving your lawn deprived of water die, consider implementing alternative forms of hardscaping.

In the front lawn, gravel, decomposed granite, pavers, and concrete can replace the dead grass. Creating a garden bed for drought tolerant plants and other alike specimens with similar water needs to conserve on water usage.

1. Low Maintenance

The limited amount of maintenance required is one of the most appealing benefits to hardscaping. Once the design has been done, no watering, mowing, pruning, snipping or trimming is necessary. You can continue to enjoy the beauty of your backyard without the fuss or concern to constantly be having to take care of anything.

2. Increased Property Value

Dressing your backyard with hardscaping elements can increase the value of your property. With an outdoor extension to your home, square footage is easily added and potential home buyers can visualize themselves entertaining and living in the space.

3. Eco-Friendly

Hardscaping is a great solution to regions suffering from a drought. This removes the tons of water necessary to maintain flowers and plants, and allowing you to go water-free.

4. Extend Entertainment Space

The patio and deck space are utilized more in the warmer months of the year, incorporating hardscaping will increase your family and friends outdoor experience. Creating a fire pit will keep you warm during the chilly winter evenings!

5. Privacy

You can easily have increased privacy to your landscape with hardscaping elements. Covered areas can also provide shade from the direct sunlight so you can better enjoy the outdoors.

Let us help you transform your hardscaping!